Android Release Checklist

Before uploading your app to the Play Store, it is important to double check the points below to ensure that the integration is successful.

1. Integration – Are devices registering with Marigold?

The best way to test if your SDK integration has been successful, is to check whether the device has a Device ID.

This can be retrieved through the Marigold SDK, or you can check for the devices presence on the Marigold platform.

2. Are devices receiving Push Tokens?

Not receiving Push Tokens?

3. Have you added the FCM key to your app on Marigold?

Marigold requires a FCM key from the Firebase Console in order to authorize Marigold with your project and send push messages to devices running your app.

Instructions on setting up a Firebase Console project and obtaining a FCM key can be found Push Notifications for Android.

4. Have you integrated and customized the Message Stream?

A Message stream needs to be integrated into your app, and accessible via a button. It is strongly recommended that you also put an 'unread' label/badge as an overlay, to ensure that users are aware there is new content in the Message Stream.