Returns metrics for a given push notification

This endpoint returns data and metrics for a given Push Notification ID. Metrics are updated in real time. Influenced opens (including direct and indirect) and events are counted using our standard attribution windows.

idStringThe Push Notification ID
audience_idStringAudience ID of the targeted audience. Each audience (including on-the-fly audiences) will have its own ID.
message_idStringMessage ID of the message the notification belongs to.
push_textStringThe body of the push alert
published_timeDateDate when the push notification was sent
direct_opensIntegerHow many times users opened the app as a result of tapping the push alert directly
indirect_opensIntegerHow many times users opened the app as a result of receiving a push notification, then opening the app without interacting with the push alert
influenced_opensIntegerSum of direct_opens and indirect_opens
opensIntegerSame as direct_opens
pushes_succeededIntegerNumber of pushes sent based on gateway status (i.e. valid push tokens)
pushes_rejectedIntegerNumber of pushes rejected based on gateway status (i.e. invalid push tokens)
event_conversionsDictionary<String, Integer>A list of custom events where the key is a custom event and the value is the number of occurrences of this event